Dos Equis long running Most Interesting Man in the World campaign has come to an end--at least in its current form. It can be hard to define why a campaign worked vs. why it didn’t, but I think in this case it’s pretty clear. So here is our breakdown of why this campaign was firing on all cylinders.

  1. Writing. As a concept, the character isn’t a big idea. But the writing is. I would love to see the thousands of lines that didn’t make the final cut. Once you start writing these kinds of lines you find them everywhere. That is the big idea. These impossibly amazing feats, built in backwards sentences. “He once run a marathon while sleeping.” “He gave his father, the talk”. These are all fantastic examples of quick fire comedy writing, no longer than Tweets--something a younger generation of alcohol consumers quickly took too and accepted. Speaking from experience, I know in my group of friends, when a new commercial debuted with the grey-haired devil, you took notice. The writing was so good, it was repeatable, mockable, and effortlessly easy-to-emulate--echoing back to the "Real Men of Genius” campaign for Bud Light.
  2. The Voice Over. His name is Will Lyman. He has great pipes and a distinctive sound. He brought a gravitas to the silly lines and anchored them to the ground, making them believable if only for a second. With a voice like this, he can say anything and make it interesting. Hell, even his name sounds profound.
  3. The Admission. It’s the light touch during the sales part of the spot. “I don’t always drink beer.” instantly disarming those that do the same. Those that figure beer commercials aren’t for them anyways. “But when I do, I prefer Dos Equis.” That’s it. Sometimes, he’ll drink the client's product. But he doesn’t always. This is a great truth here that Dos Equis is willing to admit, not all beer drinkers always want to drink beer. Sometimes they want something else, like I don’t know, water or the occasional whiskey cocktail.
  4. It has nothing to do with beer. How boring are those commercials about how the beer is made? We get it, you use the finest hops and barley. Yeah, yeah. I guess they’re not talking to me. The Most Interesting Man is an invitation to a club, that says we all get this, it’s funny. The point of the Most Interesting Man is for us to remember him next time we order a beer.
  5. The fun. Dos Equis gets it. “He can speak French, in Russian.” “He once punched a magician.” These are all fun but more importantly they seem like they would be fun to write. There’s no product features list, customer testimonials, or slow motion pours into a condensation-drenched chalice. Just copywriters and creatives having fun, and inviting us to do the same with them, enamoring us to the import.

We at Kapowza would like to toast a farewell to Mr. Interesting, thank you for the past ten years of great copywriting and one-liners.Vaya con Dios, Most Interesting Man in the World.

While we’re all drinking responsibly, let us enjoy this YouTube quality compilation of some of the spots and remember what happens when you make something interesting.
Stay thirsty, my friends.

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