Looking Back to the Future

2017 has been another excellent year for us here at Kapowza, and while we look forward to 2018 we want to take a minute to look back. Almost a year ago we shared “7 Goals Your Company Should Have for 2017,” a short list of new year's resolutions for the ad agency in your life. Well 2017 has come and gone and it time to see how we stacked up to our own expectations.

Use common sense with social media. We checked in with our mother’s mother and Nana agrees, Kapowza’s social media accounts have never once made her blush. We’re stepping our game up in 2018, so it may be time to unfriend Nana from the business account. Sorry Nana.

Keep data interesting. The numbers are in for 2017 and they all point to the same thing, clients still like it when click through rates go up and costs go down. Data visualization maybe just a fancy buzzword but there's still wisdom in presenting ROI in simple communicative graphics.

Empathize more. We’re all human and we all aim for what we think right looks like. Our ideas are informed by our connection to our emotions and they only improve when we make a connection with others. We're still waiting for talking robots to be a thing so we don’t have to try anymore.

Be decisive. Decisions big and small have shaped the direction our business has taken in the last year and we are proud of where our decisions have steered us.

Be focused on design. We didn’t dissolve our agency and pursue our passions to become a Norwegian folk band so this one is probably a given, but it bares repeating. There’s a saying in the genteel south: “don’t be ugly.” Since our business is interrupting someone else's business, “don’t be ugly” is still the least we can do.

Video is important. 2017 was the rare sequel that managed to outshine the original (sorry Return of the Jedi). Video is still a cornerstone of our portfolio and if the work we have lined up for 2018 is any indication, this trend is set to be a trilogy.

Be nice. We tried. Meh

As much as we’ve accomplished both personally and professionally in the last two odd years here at Kapowza, we still have our best days ahead of us. For 2018 we’ve each made a list of new year's resolutions we’ll be striving for over the next 365 days. Here are just a few of Kapowza’s #lifegoals for the upcoming year.



- Become more involved in design conferences.

- Look to further integrate creative programs into communication tools for future team building

- Become more fluent in product design


- Become a faster and more technical cook

- Travel more



-Finally organize those business cards


-More 9 Rounds sessions



-Write JavaScript every day


-Sketch more



-Work by a schedule

-Learn to socialize “professionally”


-Repair more and replace less

-Wake up and fight


Personal and Professional:

-To not break my leg

2018 is going to be a great year. Keep up with our antics by following us on Facebook and Twitter.