Meet Amanda

And then there were five. It's time for us to introduce the newest member of our team, Amanda!

If Sean could have any superpower he wanted, he'd want to be at two places at once. Since he can't, we hired Amanda. As Assistant Account Executive she's dotting all the i's and crossing all the t's, helping Sean keep clients and creative, productive and happy.


Tell us a little bit about yourself?

Originally from Florida, I received my B.A. in Advertising from Savannah College of Art and Design back in 2013. To help pay off my student loans I spent the next four years as a Human Resources Officer in the U.S. Army. For the uninitiated, that means personnel, payroll, and paperwork. My first year I lucked out and got assigned to a unit in Seoul, South Korea where I helped handle in and out-processing for every soldier on the peninsula. Eventually, and rather reluctantly, I was shipped back to the states where I spent 3 years assigned to Ft. Bragg, NC, where I handled talent management, deployment readiness, and administrative requirements for several (very) Special Operations units. Now I'm off active duty and back in my chosen field, woohoo!

What brought you to Baltimore?

I'm currently assigned to a U.S. Army Reserve unit out of Baltimore, the 392nd Signal Battalion, "The pride of Baltimore." Our mascot is a lion, we're a 'pride,' get it?

What brought you to Kapowza?

When I left active duty I wanted to find a place I could bring together my education and my work experience. Like many millennials job hunters, I found Kapowza's job posting on LinkedIn. It had the right combination of attitude and administration; I sent Dan and Sean my resume without a second thought.

Is there anything you’ve learned so far?

Ever heard of HubSpot? I hadn't till I started looking for a job in this industry. Working on marketing for Kapowza is teaching me a ton about the analytic, data-driven side of advertising.

What do you hope to gain out of working at Kapowza?

I'm looking forward to gaining a better understanding of the business to business side of the agency; the nuts and bolts, schmoozing and boozing we call networking.

So what’s it like working with the team?

They're awesome! With such a tight-knit group everyone contributes something valuable to each project. We're all working together to make the magic happen.

What do you like to do in your spare time? Will the real Amanda please speak up?

I'm a "reader." Unpacking my all books took longer than unpacking my shoes but it was a close race. On the weekends I binge watch cop dramas and knit Christmas gifts for my parents.

What is your perfect Friday night?

I'd love to find a Fellini film playing at one of those art house theaters with fancy popcorn and wine coolers. To finish off the night I’d find a cheap Italian restaurant for more wine and endless garlic knots.

How would you put a Giraffe in an airplane?

I'd take out the one million ping pong balls.


Help us welcome Amanda to the Kapowza family by asking her your own inane questions.

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