Our First Birthday

There was once a time where I came into work and had nothing to do. Nothing. So I’d write a blog, tinker with our site, send some emails, and worry. What if I never had anything to do? What if this whole agency idea was stupid. What if I’m wasting my time? Aren’t I supposed to be really busy? But then I realized companies, and agencies have a life-cycle. In the beginning it’s a slow boil, some days there was really not that much to do. I realized that there would come a time where I’d look back and remember all that time I had, and wish I could get it back.

That was a year ago. When we had one client, one desk, one employee — me. Our roster of one client is now twenty five, that one desk is now three, that extra time, now gone.

When people ask “hey how’s the company going?” I’m having a hard time not just answering with “busy”. Now I think I’ll refer them to this blog, and this list of things I’m super proud of after one year.

Our Work

Like medicine, quality can be measured by trends. Is the patient trending upwards? Downwards? Staying the same? Looking objectively, we’re getting better. Each project we’re pushing a little more, working a little faster, and getting more engagements. There is still the decaying half-life of excitement I have after we finish something. I’ve been looking at it too long to decide whether it’s good or not. At that point it’s in the hands of the clients, users, and viewers to tell us. This half-life of excitement is growing longer and so are the responses.

Our Marketing

Every company wants to find some kind process that’s money in, client out. A machine of growth that you can keep feeding. It can take some companies years to figure this out, and many never do. Even though we’re still perfecting it, I think we’ve figured a lot out. After bringing Sean on and then becoming a Hubspot partner a few months later, our new business process is now more organized and vast than it has ever been.

The People

Our friends. The network of talented, awesome people that we have the honor of working with and knowing has been amazing. Folks like Brian Schneider Photography, Early Light Media, and Charmcine make the magic happen. Friends like the ETC, the Paul Rabil Experience, Synap, Loople, Break a Difference, Notice & Comment, Response Labs, and ClassTracks make the day go by pretty quickly. Without either of these groups it’d be tough to be having this much fun.


The Next 12 Months

Next time I sit down to write this, will I think “wow, I wish I had the free time I had last year”? Probably. But that’s good, it’s part of the lifecycle, the journey. I can’t wait to see. I can’t wait to look back and see where the next year takes us, because wherever we go I know we’ll be doing killer work along the way.