We Won Some Addy Awards! Pt. I

You might be saying, “Oh cool!” But if you’re following up that statement with, “what is that?” allow us to tell you.

The Addys are The American Advertising Awards and they are the advertising industry’s largest and most representative competition. So, pretty fancy, huh? What else is fancy? We won four! We won two for an ad we created for Point3,one for a spot we created for Whitebox, and one for the spot we made for FilterBuy.

In this post, we’d like to focus on our ad, It Takes a Human, created for Point3. Here, take a second to see it for yourself.

Point3 is a cyber security company, so we wanted to really encapsulate what they do, but make it relatable to everyday computer users. To really capture their message, that we humans are the ones who control the level of security on our computers, not the machines themselves. During the conceptualizing phase of creating the ad, we wondered, “what would a computer say about computer security?”

The story behind making the spot is a funny one, and definitely out of the ordinary for us. Dan had a bad cause of tonsillitis the week before the shoot. Which normally wouldn’t have been a big deal, but Sean and Chris weren’t full-time yet. The other issue was that we were running short on locations to shoot this. We had wanted to shoot a laptop in a hotel, but understandably hotels didn’t let us just “borrow” a room for an hour or two, and we didn’t have the budget to rent when.  

So armed with just an idea, computers gathered from friends and family (Dan’s mom's laptop makes an appearance in the boardroom scene), free-range of our office space, and a low-grade fever, Dan set about filling up the memory sticks with footage of computers at rest. The talent of Martin and Tommy from Charmcine made it all sing, even without a script.  

In the end, it didn’t matter that we didn’t have a script because we were working with computers instead of actors. We downloaded Text to Speech software, which allowed us to tweak the copy. Though it frustratingly kept crashing throughout the process, Text to Speech did allow us to choose multiple voices and play around with the speeds.

Once the whole video came together, we were super excited. We really wanted the concept to ring true with the audience, to prove the point that we are the ones who are responsible for keeping our computers safe. What does Point3 have to say about the video? Evan Dornbush, the founder and CEO, brings up the point that their company is “shy” and “don’t do people well.” They feel the ad gave them a voice and allowed their purpose to resonate.

We’ll find out March 9th if It Takes a Human will win gold or silver in its categories. Wish us luck and broken legs.