Why Being Interesting Matters

Marketing is a lot like dieting. Every year there’s a new fad, a new idea, a new approach that claims to be a cure-all. Every year another buzzword. Some people get great results from only eating jars of baby foods (it was a real thing). Some companies, get results from putting a car on top of another car and driving it around town.

In terms of dieting, most of the fads seek to limit your sugar intake. In terms of marketing, most of them are trying to make you more interesting. Regardless, all roads lead back to one simple question every consumer asks themselves when they see an ad: should I care, or not? If it’s no, then you’ve got a problem.

I’m going to be honest, if I have to convince you that being interesting matters, then I don’t know how to help you.

Of course it matters right? But is it important? Is it worth spending ten to twenty hours a week doing something that makes you not boring to your target audience? Here’s a great example from the past few weeks to prove my point.

If you’ve made commercials professionally in the past five years someone has undoubtedly asked you if “you’ve seen the Dollar Shave Club commercial?” To which you nod, and they reply with: “I want to do something like that.” They’re not wrong in wanting to do that. It’s a good instinct, but the problem is Dollar Shave Club already did it. So we’re stuck forging a new path.

Dollar Shave club didn’t just make a catchy Youtube video (which as of writing this sits at 23 million views). They fit this snarky, fun way of speaking into every aspect of their brand.


See how it’s everywhere? That tone, that bro-speak. They really went for it and it’s great.

Dollar-Shave-Clun-Social-Media.jpgWere their razors great? I’ve heard yes, but who knows. They might be terrible. But because the company was interesting—through and through—they became memorable; and because they became memorable they sold for a billion dollars. That’s billion with a “b”.

It seems obvious now, but until then most razor commercials were ridiculous. God-like men riding chariots down Mount Everest, gripping busty women, while laughing and shaving their face. Okay, not sure that happened, but they were insane. Dollar Shave Club was just a guy, talking about how f***ing great his razors were. Simple. Truthful. Interesting.

So why does interesting matter? Well, for Dollar Shave Club it was because a million dollars wasn’t cool. You know what was cool?







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*Photo from Adweek