7 Goals Your Company Should Have for 2017

“New year, new you,” as the say. As we collectively enter 2017, we should all have our minds on what we want our agencies to accomplish this year. How will we get there? We put our heads together over here and came up with seven goals we think all companies should set for themselves this year. So, if you’re taking on new clients, new work, and new challenges this year,remember these goals while moving forward:

  • Use common sense with social media. You don’t want to be that brand that puts something stupid on social. Whether it’s a dumb meme or a joke of questionable-taste, keep one thing in mind when posting: Would you want your mother, or your mother’s mother, to read this? If the answer is anything less than a yes, you may want to backtrack.
  • Keep data interesting. Fun fact, 96.7% of your clients will find data interesting. Okay, we may have made that up, but people do love data. One mistake us agency folk make is using data for data’s sake. Data is a great way to judge what you said, but it’s not going to tell you what to say; It’s an after-the-fact kind-of-thing. Data is not a creation tool. Use data in the right way by judging what you’ve already done, not determining what you plan to do. There is so much of it out there, and so many people using it incorrectly. Data can be your best friend, but only after you have something to test with it.  
  • Empathize more. You should really be caring about the people. It’s important to remember that they are behind everything. They are behind purchases, tough decisions, ads… We’re not  talking to robots yet. The things you make and the things you’re helping to sell have a real impact. Put yourself in the customer’s shoes and let that be your guide.
  • Be decisive. It’s natural to get excited and want to move in every possible direction. We, as creative people, want to guess, test, and revise. We get that, we really do, but it’s imperative to be decisive. Pick a path, pick a strategy and follow through.
  • Be focused on design. Design is now more important than ever. In fact, we’ll stick our necks out and say that good design is everything. Copy is important. The message gets across to the customer. However, if your design is ugly, 10 times out of 10 your ad will be looked over. Back in the day, we could all get away with ugly stuff, but as times have changed and our aesthetics have progressed, the clients and customers have higher expectations and are getting used to seeing beautiful work.
  • Video is important. Video was big in the past year, and it’s only going to continue dominating. Telling your story in an easily digestible format is gold. Simply put, if 2016 was the year of the video, 2017 will be the sequel.
  • Be nice. 2016 was hard enough.